A rendered image of the pilot plant for production of bio fuels (source: Euglena)
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The pilot plant under construction (as of Dec 22, 2017) (source: Euglena)
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Euglena Co Ltd started to use a "bio jet fuel containing euglena" as a fuel for a power generator used for the construction of a pilot plant for bio fuel production on a trial basis Jan 15, 2018.

About 6kL of the bio jet fuel will be used. The test is scheduled to end by June 2018.

In 2012, Euglena produced the "Bio-SPK" bio jet fuel, which contains euglena and complies with the ASTM standards. This time, the company will effectively use the fuel remaining after the research of the Bio-SPK as a fuel for the generator used for the construction of the pilot plant.

The ASTM standards are formulated by ASTM International, one of the world's largest standardization bodies. And, globally, jet fuels used for airplanes need to meet the ASTM standards.

According to Euglena, this is the second time that a bio jet fuel containing euglena has been employed as an energy source. In May 2016, the company used a bio diesel fuel containing euglena to power all the facilities needed to shoot a TV commercial (trucks for carrying the staff and equipment, cameras, lighting systems, etc).

The pilot plant is scheduled to be completed at the end of October 2018 and produce 125kL (5 barrels) of bio jet fuel per day. Euglena aims to realize a fee-based flight service using a bio jet fuel by 2020.