Continued from [iPhone X Teardown] Apple's Strong Preference for Full-face Display (4)

The employment of the RGB stripe layout, which realizes actual resolution (not virtual resolution), would mean that the iPhone X is superior to Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones, which use the PenTile, in terms of resolution. Also, the patents for the PenTile are owned by the Samsung group, and it is difficult for other OLED panel makers to employ the PenTile. So, it would become easier for Apple to procure panels from many manufacturers other than Samsung Display Co Ltd, which supplies OLED panels for the iPhone X.

Despite all those advantages of the RGB stripe layout, Apple employed an OLED panel using the PenTile layout. So, probably, Apple put priority on yield rate and the track record of the PenTile, which has been employed for many smartphones, instead of resolution.

When examining the pixels of the iPhone X's OLED panel, we found that the area of the blue sub-pixel is large as in the case of the Galaxy series. In the case of existing OLED panels, the brightness of blue color lowers faster than those of other colors, meaning a shorter life. To extend the life, the area of blue sub-pixel is increased so that a high brightness can be realized even when the current flowing in the diodes of sub-pixels is decreased.

The employment of the PenTile layout by the iPhone has a significant meaning for the Samsung group.

"By using the PenTile layout for Apple, Samsung Display can prevent other OLED panel manufactures from entering the market for OLED panels for iPhones for a while," Masuda said.

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