"Super Sorghum" (source: Super Sorghum Asia Holdings Pte Ltd)
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Sorghum Japan Holdings Corp announced Nov 17, 2017, that it will test combustion mixing coal and biomass fuel called "Super Sorghum" at a power plant in Mexico.

Super Sorghum is a sorghum that features a high yielding ability and drawing attention as a biomass fuel. It can be harvested in a short period of time, enabling to stably and continually supply biomass fuel. Also, with its high yielding ability, it can lower production cost.

(1) Super Sorghum Mexico, which is a subsidiary of Super Sorghum Asia Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore-based subsidiary of Sorghum Japan Holdings), (2) CFE Generacion IV, which is a subsidiary of CFE (Comision Federal de Electricidad), (3) Earth Note KK (Okinawa), which produces seeds, and (4) Profon (consulting firm based in Mexico) signed a basic agreement Oct 2, 2017.