"Bloom Energy Server" (source: Bloom Energy Japan)
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Bloom Energy Japan Ltd announced Jan 9, 2018, that its "Bloom Energy Server" commercial/industrial fuel-cell power generation system has been employed for the fuel-cell facilities of Bundang Combined Thermal Power Plant in South Korea.

Bloom Energy Japan (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a joint venture between the Softbank group and the US-based Bloom Energy. A total of 28 systems were installed to realize an output of 8.35MW.

Bloom Energy Japan and SK Engineering & Construction Co (a South Korea-based construction firm) jointly participated in a competitive bidding conducted by KOEN Co Ltd (Korea South-east Power Co). In South Korea, there is the "RPS (renewables portfolio standard)" system, which requires power producers having a power generation capacity of 500MW or higher to generate a certain ratio of the power by using renewable energy or new energy including fuel cell.

The Bloom Energy Server is a decentralized solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) developed through NASA's space program. By using city gas and natural gas as fuel, its initial power generation efficiency exceeds 60%. In the US, it is being introduced to facilities that need sustainable supply of power such as data centers, manufacturing plants, large-scale commercial facilities and government offices as a decentralized base power source.

The Bloom Energy Server, which was sent to Bundang Combined Thermal Power Plant, is South Korea's first commercial/industrial SOFC. And this is Bloom Energy Japan's first business outside Japan. The installation area is about 470m2 (including space for maintenance). The server is powered by natural gas supplied by existing LNG (liquefied natural gas) facilities. It is scheduled to start operations in 2018.