Mitsuoka Motor's "Like-P3" three-wheeled EV
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A rear view
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Mitsuoka Motor Co Ltd announced a three-wheeled electric vehicle (EV) Dec 7, 2017.

The EV, "Like-P3," is a rear-wheel-drive vehicle that has one front wheel and two rear wheels. It has four seat and no roof. Mitsuoka expects that the EV will be used as "feet" in sightseeing areas and depopulated areas.

Equipped with a 4.3kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery, it can travel about 60km (approx 141mpg) per charge. Mitsuoka has not yet decided the release date or price of the EV.

The Like-P3 was developed based on the Like-T3 three-wheeled EV, which Mitsuoka released in 2011. It has two seats and a luggage space with a maximum loading capacity of 100kg in the rear part. It is possible to change the equipment of the Like-T3 in response to user demands, for example, by installing a container.

The new EV, on the other hand, is focused on supporting "transportation of people" by replacing the luggage space with seats.

The rated output and maximum output of the Like-P3 are 3.0kW and 5.6kW, respectively. It takes up to six hours to charge the battery. The EV measures 2,485 (L) x 1,170 (W) x 1,075mm (L), and its wheelbase is 1,610mm. Compared with Nissan Motor Co Ltd's "Nissan New Mobility Concept (NNMC)" ultrasmall two-seat EV, the Like-P3 is 145mm longer, 60mm narrower and 375mm shorter (because the Like-P3 has no roof).

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