Infini Building 1,500V Mega Solar Plant Using Japanese Products (page 2)

System consists of Infini's solar panel, TMEIC's PV inverter

2018/01/06 19:01
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Japanese products employed in consideration of after-sales care

By employing Japanese products including its solar panel and TMEIC's PV inverter as main components, Infini eliminated the concern about after-sales care after the start of operation and, therefore, decided to build the 1,500V plant.

With a 1,000V design, the series circuit of solar panels (string) usually consists of 24 panels. But, with a 1,500V design, it can consist of 32-34 panels, enabling to shorten construction period and improve O&M efficiency.

When the voltage is increased on the side of solar panels, PID (potential induced degradation), which lowers output, becomes more likely to occur. However, when Infini conducted a test in cooperation with TMEIC engineers, it found that there is no problem because Infini's solar panels are equipped with measures against PID.

In July 2017, Infini built "Fukushima Plant" as a new production base in Naraha-machi, Fukushima Prefecture, and started full operation of the plant in the aim of producing 100MW of solar panels per year for the Japanese market.

Infini designs mega solar plants to be built in Japan by using mainly products of Japanese manufacturers for realizing stable operation of the plants and creating jobs in Japan.

Infini started operation of "Fukushima Plant" in Naraha-machi, Fukushima Prefecture. (source: Nikkei BP)