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Moreover, all of the applicants for wireless authentication are LLCs except one. LLC is an acronym of "limited liability company," but it is actually not a corporation and does not have to pay corporate tax. Maybe, aimed for this effect. The exceptional one is Echo Button, for which FCC disclosed documents most recently, and the applicant is Amazon Fulfillment Service "Inc."

List of the Echo series
Unlike other electronics device makers, does not publish model numbers on its website.

MediaTek pushes aside TI, Qualcomm

When we examined the SoCs of the Echo series, we found that an SoC of the US-based semiconductor vendor was replaced by an SoC of Taiwan-based MediaTek Inc in the second-generation models of the Echo and Echo Dot. The US-based vendor is Texas Instruments (TI) Inc. also replaced TI's SoC with MediaTek's SoC in the Kindle Fire HD tablet computer in 2014.

On the other hand, as for chips for Wi-Fi, while the first-generation models of the Echo and Echo Dot use Qualcomm Inc's product, the second-generation models are equipped with MediaTek's product. The Echo Show and Echo Tap still use the US-based Broadcom Corp's product.

1) Eugene Kim, "Amazon has 5,000 people working on Echo and Alexa -- more than Fitbit and GoPro combined,"

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