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Over 6000 news articles published online during the period from January 2007.
Transaction Data

A comprehensive list of deals which were collected during October to early September in 2011. Provided in PDF and CSV formats.

The Monthly Edition

A sample issue which consists of 20 pages of articles.

Expectations behind Real Estate Indices
New key indices released to play a role in developing major investors

Area in Focus
Ginza Still Seeking to Regain its Glitter
Lingering price gap keeps market stagnant, despite some land deals

Cost Saving from Power Saving - Who Should Benefit?
Landlord rewards tenants for power-saving efforts

Rents and Relocations
Shibuya Ward, Yokohama City and Kawasaki City

Market Data Supplements

  • Building Map:
  • A map of large-scale office building development projects currently in progress in Tokyo

    The survey was conducted on buildings with more than 10,000 m2 of floor space that will mainly be used for offices in the 23 wards of Tokyo in April 2011. This information is based on not only publicly announced materials but also on the onsite survey conducted by our staff, making it an unparalleled source of information in Japan.

  • Apartment Rent Survey: Apartment rents in popular residential areas

  • Closing Rent Survey: Our proprietary survey of closing rents for office buildings

  • Office Market Index: Advertised rents and vacancy rates

  • Retail Rent Survey: Advertised rents and vacancy rates on major shopping streets

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MORE SURVEY AND ANALYSIS Our regularly updated proprietary survey on market trends.


Our proprietary survey of closing rents for rental office buildings in Tokyo and Yokohama


Advertised rents and vacancy on major shopping streets in Ginza, Omotesando, Shinjuku, etc.


A map and list of the 160 large-scale office building development projects currently in progress in Tokyo.


Advertised rents and vacancy rates in major office districts -Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka Free to access

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Founded in 1969, Nikkei Business Publications is the publisher of the Nikkei Real Estate Market Report and is the leading provider of business information and commercial property transaction data for Japan. Part of the Nikkei Group, one of the world's largest financial media companies, Nikkei Business Publications is based in Tokyo and has over 900 employees.

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