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    2017 Transactions Stream of Big Deals Foreign investors lead sales volume to post-GFC record high

    The sales transaction amount for 2017 recorded the highest amount since the Global Financial Crisis at approximately 4.2 trillion yen [$37 billion]. Numerous big deals centering on bulk sales conducted by foreign players pushed up the amount. Japanese corporations also became more...

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    • 02.22.2018

      Industrial Fund acquiring ten properties for Y21bn

      Industrial & Infrastructure Fund (IIF), a REIT affiliated with trading firm Mitsubishi Corporation, signed a contract on February 20 to acquire ten properties including logistics facilities and leased sites of factories. The total price is approximately 21.36 billion yen [$190 million]. The properties will be handed over in March and April.

    • 02.22.2018

      Mirai REIT to acquire three local hotels

      REIT Mirai will purchase three local hotels on March 1. All properties are leased by hotel operator Greens at fixed rents. The seller is Legal Corporation, a real estate company of Osaka City, and the price is 3.2 billion yen [$29 million] in total.

    • 02.22.2018

      Blackstone acquires apartment in Shinjuku-ku

      Special purpose company Nikko Plus5 GK3, which is believed to be affiliated with the Blackstone Group, purchased Feuille D'or Mejiro, a rental apartment building in Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku. The transaction took place in November 2017. The seller was Chiyoda-ku's OH Real Estate Management, which is under the umbrella of homebuilder Open House. The company acquired these properties in June 2017 and sold them about four months later in this transaction.

    • 02.22.2018

      Leased site of hotel in Meguro traded

      Tokyo Socks, a real estate company based in Hachioji City, Tokyo, acquired the leased site of Hotel Princess Garden in Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku in October 2017. The seller was Osaka City based Toyo Shoji which is a major shareholder of a leading spinning company Omi Kenshi. Hotel Princess Garden is still operating as of February 2018.

    • 02.22.2018

      Mitsubishi, Matsuya acquire Ginza building for development

      Mitsubishi Estate and department store operator Matsuya jointly acquired Kosaido Ginza Building in Ginza, Chuo-ku in December 2017. They hold 90% and 10% co-ownership interests in the building, respectively. The seller was Kosaido which is engaged in printing, publishing and other businesses. Mitsubishi Estate and Matsuya plan to jointly develop some type of facility.

    • 02.22.2018

      B-Lot sells building along Shibuya's Meiji-dori Street

      Real estate company B-Lot sold Teruichi Building, an office and retail building in Shibuya, Shibuya-ku in December 2017. The seller was special purpose company GK Funbus of Shibuya-ku. B-Lot acquired the building in September 2017. The latest sale occurred about three months after the purchase.

    • 02.21.2018

      34,000 m2 GFA hotel building planned in Osaka

      It has come to light that real estate developer Wise Holdings of Minato-ku, Tokyo has a plan to develop a high-rise mixed-use building mainly consisting of hotel floors in Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka City. Plans call for the building to have a gross floor area of more than 34,000 m2 and opening is targeted in or around 2022.

    • 02.21.2018

      Cosmos Initia to acquire office building in Meguro for resale

      Condominium developer Cosmos Initia will acquire TYO Headquarters Building in Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku in March 2018. The seller is TYO, a subsidiary of AOI TYO Holdings that is engaged in advertisement planning and production. The sales contract was signed in January 2018.

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