This event was canceled due to circumstances.
We truly apologize, thank you for your understanding.

What's this event

In implementing automotive security measures, it's important to learn about the techniques used in attacks.A strong defense is difficult without an understanding of attackers' techniques.
Black Hat/DEF CON (held in Las Vegas) is an essential event for learning about attacker techniques, where hackers from around the world meet and reveal their techniques.

The 2015 Jeep hack shocked the world.
It was at Black Hat/DEF CON that a famed hacker announced the details of that hack.

Participants in this seminar, taught by an instructor from the highly popular hands-on Automotive Hacking course at Black Hat/DEF CON, spend a full day learning the basic methods of automotive hacking while actively taking part in related activities.
Instructor Robert Leale is a veteran engineer who has taught this program for six years, teaching the basics of automotive hacking to about 1000 students. This is the first time the program will be held in Japan.

The program is open to anybody interested in automotive security.
The program is structured to enable not only embedded software engineers and other professionals with no experience in security development but even beginners with no software development experience at all to get a grasp of the basic knowledge and concepts of automotive hacking.


Title 1day Intensive Hands On Car Hacking Training
Beginners welcome! Popular Program from Black Hat Hacker Event Held in Japan 1st Time
Date September 4, 2017  9:30-19:30 (open: 8:30)
✱ You will be able to set up the PC at 8:30-9:30, so please come early. The lecture begins at 9:30.
Language English / Japanese
Venue Hotel Gajoen Tokyo, Japan MAP ↗
Organizer Nikkei Automotive / Trillium


This training program consists of the following two parts. "Lecture" of the basic composition of automobile network and "Hands-on" which hacks using the personal computer brought by participants. The subject of hands-on is "CAN" mainly for automotive network. Participants will actually experience methods of DoS attack on CAN and rewriting to false messages. We will also give lectures on hacking of wireless networks, this will be a demonstration only by the trainer.


Mr. Robert Leale

Mr. Robert Leale
Trillium Global Consulting Practice Director

CanBusHack president and founder Robert Leale will join Trillium as its Global Consulting Practice Director, and be deeply involved with Trillium’s cybersecurity product Analysis & Penetration testing.


  • ✱ There is a possibility to change the program.
8:30 - 9:30

Setting up the Computing Environment

9:30 - 19:30

Lecture and Training

《 Introduction 》

Car Hacked Video

《 What are Networks 》
《 Connecting to the Car 》

OBD-II (Japanese and American), T-Taps, Backprobes

《 Serial Data Networks in Vehicles 》

K-Line/ISO9141, LIN (Local Interconnect Network),
BEAN (Body Area Electronic Network), FlexRay,
Automotive Ethernet (OPEN/RTPGE), CAN (Controller Area Network)

《 CAN hack 》
  • Rules
    All nodes must receive all messages,Any node may transmit (Mulit-master)
  • Frame Types
    Data, Remote, Error/Overload
  • ID Lengths (11bit/29bit)
  • Physical Layers (SAE J2411/ISO 11898-3/ISO 11898-2)
  • Bit Stuffing
  • Error Handling
    Hacking the Rules: How errors frames are dangerous, Ideas for Handling Excessive Error Frames,
    Demonstration and training
  • Arbitration
    Hacking the Rules: How Arbitration is used for DoS, Solutions/Reporting of DoS attempts
  • Hacking the Rule: CanBus Message Overwrite Technique
    Demonstration and training
《 Wireless network hacking 》
  • GSM hacking
    Demonstration and training
  • Wireless key hacking
    Relay attack (non demo)
  • Tire pressure monitoring system hacking
    Demonstration Fob Messaging

Necessary skills / preparation

  • Open to anybody interested in automotive security, whether or not they have any experience in programming or related areas.
  • Please bring a personal computer (OS: Windows 7 or higher). It is preferable to have administrator authorization.
  • Participants will be asked to install the specified software on the computers they will bring with them.
    (You will be notified by email after registration is complete.)
  • ✱ A period will be set aside for setting up the computing environment (8:30-9:30 am) prior to the start of this program.
    Participants who have trouble installing the software or making other preparations are requested to come during this period to prepare their computers with the assistance of the instructor and others.

Registration Fee

This event was canceled due to circumstances.
We truly apologize, thank you for your understanding.

  • ✱ Lunch is included.
  • ✱ Soon as it becomes fully booked, we will be closed accepting applications. Please apply as soon as possible.

We will accept only the credit card payment at web site.
Please carry out registration-mail printing as the Attendance Certificate on the day.

We can not accept cancellation after application, refund after remittance. Please attend on behalf of you.
Transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue will be borne by the person taking this event.
Sudden diseases of instructors etc, natural disasters and other force majeure, other unavoidable circumstances, we may cancel. In this case, the registration fee will be refunded.

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