4k, Optical Projectors Realize 12k Video at Planetarium

2014/08/21 12:24
Takuji Imai, Nikkei Electronics
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Chiba Museum of Science and Industry has been hosting an event in which a planetarium is used to display video with the maximum horizontal pixel count higher than 12,000.

Ohira Tech Ltd's "Special Model of the Megastar-fusion" planetarium was employed for the event, which runs from Aug 6 to 31, 2014.

The planetarium consists of 17 4k projectors and an optical projector that displays stars. The optical projector is used to show stars of the first and second magnitudes while stars of the third and lower magnitudes, scenery on the earth, computer graphics, etc are displayed by the 4k projectors.

"When a starry sky is displayed only with projectors, it is not possible to fully depict bright stars," said Takayuki Ohira, president of Ohira Tech and planetarium creator. "To solve this problem, we combined two types of projectors."

He said that the optical projector used for the planetarium can display the smallest number of stars in the world but it can turn on/off each star and change its color.

The diameter of the dome in which video is projected is 23m. The number of pixels used to depict the longest horizontal line is more than 12,000. The projectors were supplied by JVC Kenwood Corp. The power consumption of the entire planetarium system is 23kW.

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