Sharp Launches 12-Mpixel 1" CMOS Sensor for 4k Video

2014/08/21 09:48
Ikutaro Kojima, Nikkei Electronics
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Sharp Corp developed a 12-Mpixel 1-inch CMOS image sensor supporting 4k video for digital camcorders and released it.

The sensitivity of the sensor, "RJ5DY1BA0LT," is 1,420mV/lux-sec, which the company claims is the highest in the industry.

Sharp realized the high sensitivity by using 3.1 x 3.1μm pixel cells that are suited for shooting 4k video with the 1-inch size as well as its own pixel cell technologies. Because of its high brightness, the new CMOS sensor enables to take vivid images not only in bright environments but in dim environments.

Also, the power consumption of the sensor at the time of shooting 4k video at a frame rate of 60fps is as low as 420mW because Sharp improved the speed of reading out pixel signals and applied its own circuit technology to realize low-power-consumption digital conversion. The low power consumption reduces heat generated by the image sensor, enabling to simplify the heat radiation design of a device and take high-quality video with less noise caused by heat.

Furthermore, the new sensor supports 12-Mpixel still images and can be used for digital still cameras.

Sharp will start to ship samples Aug 21, 2014. The price of the sample is ¥20,000 (approx US$193, including tax). The volume production of the sensor will begin Oct 31, 2014, with a monthly production rate of 80,000 units.