Kaneka Showcases Crystalline Si Solar Cell Module

2014/08/07 11:31
Motonobu Kawai, Nikkei Electronics
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Kaneka Corp exhibited a crystalline silicon (Si) solar cell module being developed by the company at PVJapan2014, a trade show on solar cells, which took place from July 30 to Aug 1, 2014, in Tokyo.

It consists of 54 cells. But we were not allowed to take a picture of it.

"We aim to realize an output of 270 to 280W for the module," Kaneka said. "Though we have not yet decided on a specific release date, we would like to commercialize it as soon as possible."

Kaneka has already commercialized thin-film Si solar cells. The exhibited module uses monocrystalline Si solar cells that use heterojunctions and Cu interconnection and were being developed by the company as next-generation products. In October 2013, the company announced the development of a cell whose conversion efficiency and output are 23.6% and 5.64W, respectively, at an international conference (See related article).

Kaneka plans to challenge existing manufacturers of crystalline Si solar cells by utilizing (1) the amorphous Si film formation technology developed for the thin-film Si solar cells that the company is currently manufacturing and (2) plating and waste liquid treatment technologies in which the company has expertise as a chemical manufacturer.

First Solar Inc, which manufactures CdTe thin-film solar cells, plans to start the production of crystalline Si solar cells using Cu interconnection in the second half of 2014. Crystalline Si solar cells manufactured by thin-film solar cell makers will debut soon.

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