Mitsubishi Electric Completes 12MW Solar Plant With Its Panels

2014/08/07 11:29
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute

Mitsubishi Electric Corp announced Aug 4, 2014, that it has completed the construction of a 12.2MW solar power generation system for a mega (large-scale) solar project in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.

The project, "Onahama Sunlight Project," has been promoted by Mitsubishi Corp and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Co Ltd. The mega solar power plant is located on the property of Nippon Kasei Chemical Co Ltd's Onahama Plant.

The Onahama Sunlight Project consists of the new 12.2MW plant and a 6.2MW plant located on the property owned by Onahama Petroleum Co Ltd.

For the 12.2MW plant, 46,690 monocrystalline silicon solar panels manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric were installed. Compared with the company's previous product, the maximum output of the panel is 4% higher (261W). Its conversion efficiency is 15.8%.