[DK2 HMD Teardown (2)] Samsung's OLED Display Module

2014/08/12 00:01
Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad
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Continued from [DK2 HMD Teardown (1)] Web-like FPC Board

We opened the front unit of the DK2. The words "Oculus VR" were also printed on the main board. We decided to examine the parts mounted on the main board later. After removing the main board from the front unit, an OLED display module appeared. Its screen size was 6 inches. The module looked like a smartphone because it is equipped with a bezel-like part.

The words "SAMSUNG DISPLAY" were printed on the printed circuit board (PCB) of the module. So, it must be a product of Samsung Display Co Ltd. Oculus VR had been in negotiations with Samsung Display on the procurement of OLED panels.

Unexpectedly, on the PCB of the display module, there was Synaptics Inc's semiconductor chip that seemed to be a touch panel controller chip. Because the display of the DK2 is not touched by a finger, it was unclear why the chip was mounted on the board.

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