Taiyo Yuden Commercializes Wireless String Monitoring System

2014/07/31 16:53
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Taiyo Yuden Co Ltd announced July 29, 2014, that it has commercialized a string monitoring system capable of eliminating the need for an external power source, communication cables, etc.

The system uses solar electricity and wireless data transmission.

A string monitoring system is used to efficiently find solar panels that are potentially in trouble among tens of thousands of panels at a large-scale solar power plant.

Power decline and other problems of a panel, which are difficult to find in units of PV inverters, can be easily detected by measuring and monitoring the power generation of each string, which connects 11-19 solar panels in series.

Measurement and communication devices used for general string monitoring systems require external power sources and communication cables. On the other hand, Taiyo Yuden eliminated the need for both external power sources and cables. Because it is not necessary to replace batteries or install wiring, construction costs can be reduced.

Taiyo Yuden combined its power supply circuit technology and wireless module technology to make a string monitoring system for solar power plants by using a wireless sensor network. It consists of a management unit (base unit) and string sensor units (terminal units).

The company reduced the power needed for wireless data transmission, and the power consumption of each string sensor unit is up to 500mW. As a result, the string monitoring system can be operated only with electricity generated by solar panels, eliminating the need for batteries.

Taiyo Yuden commercialized the system after testing it at several solar power plants run by Vitec Co Ltd, etc, planning to start volume production at Akagi Electronics Co Ltd (Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture), its subsidiary, in August 2014.