The "HBF-253W"
The "HBF-253W"

Omron Healthcare Co Ltd will release a body weight/composition meter that automatically transmits measured data via Wi-Fi July 25, 2014.

Also, the company will make its "Karada Graph" smartphone application, which shows measured data such as of body composition in graphs, newly support iPhone in addition to Android July 24, 2014.

The body weight/composition meter, "HBF-253W," automatically transmits measured data to the "Wellness Link" health management service so that it can be easily checked with a smartphone, personal computer, etc.

In 2012, Omron Healthcare released a body weight/composition meter that can transmit data by using its near field communication (NFC) function and, for example, an Android-based device equipped with the "Osaifu-Keitai" (mobile wallet) function. This time, it became possible to transmit/manage data without bringing a smartphone to a dressing room where a body weight/composition meter is placed.

HBF-253W identifies a person who steps onto it. If the user registers his/her initial when registering the meter with the Wellness Link and measures his/her body composition after selecting the registered initial, the measured data is registered on the meter. From the next time, when the user steps onto the meter, it is automatically turned on and starts measurement. The measurement takes about four seconds.

Furthermore, HBF-253W comes with "Body Weight Subtraction Function." For example, the difference between the weight of the user holding a baby and the weight of only the user can be displayed in increments of 50g.

There is no manufacturer's suggested retail price. Omron Healthcare aims to sell 15,000 units within one year after the release.