Yuko Oshima and Yamaha Motor President Hiroyuki Yanagi
Yuko Oshima and Yamaha Motor President Hiroyuki Yanagi
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Yamaha Motor Co Ltd announced that it will release a three-wheel commuter motorbike with a displacement of 125cc Sept 10, 2014, in Japan.

The motorbike, "Tricity MW125," has two front wheels and one rear wheel and is targeted at young people who have not been interested in motorbikes. For the promotion of the product, Yamaha recruited Yuko Oshima, a former member of the "AKB48" idol group.

The two front wheels lean in sync with the body when the motorbike makes a turn, realizing sporty handling and stability. Each of the front wheels is supported by an independent suspension, making it easy to absorb irregularities on the road surface and offering a comfortable ride.

Yamaha employed a "full-flat" board with a step-through space so that the motorbike can be comfortably used not only for sporty driving but for daily urban use. It is possible to ride the motorbike with two legs aligned right next to each other like a scooter, and a large luggage space is available. Also, equipped with a mechanism that allows to control the front and rear wheels in a well-balanced manner only with the left brake lever, the motorbike can be safely driven by a woman.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of Tricity MW125 is ¥356,400 (approx US$3,518). Yamaha plans to sell 7,000 units of the motorbike per year. It is manufactured at the company's plant in Thailand, where it was released in April 2014.