The "Electromagnetic Floating Vehicle"
The "Electromagnetic Floating Vehicle"
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Tomy Co Ltd unveiled a radio-controlled toy car that floats when running at International Tokyo Toy Show 2014, which opens for the public June 14 and 15, 2014, in Tokyo.

The prototyped toy car, "Electromagnetic Floating Vehicle," floats by using eddy current. When the car is placed on an aluminum plate and four magnets installed in its wheels are rotated at a high speed, spiral induced currents are generated. As a result, a magnetic force that repels the magnets is generated, floating the car.

Tomy exhibited two models of the Electromagnetic Floating Vehicle. One is equipped with magnets that rotate in the direction vertical to the aluminum plate while the other uses magnets that rotate in the direction horizontal to the plate. The direction of the latter model's movement can be controlled by changing the orientations of its magnets.

The size of the latest prototype is as half as that of the first prototype.

"We want to further reduce its size and commercialize it in two or three years," Tomy said. "I think it can also be applied to, for example, Beyblade."

A demonstration of the toy car