The cost of the fuel cell system of the fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that Toyota Motor Corp plans to release in 2015 is expected to be less than 1/20 that of the FCHV-adv, an FCV that the company launched in 2008.

This was announced by Toyota at the 21st Fuel Cell Symposium, which took place May 29, 2014.

Toyota made the following efforts to lower the cost of the fuel cell system. It (1) eliminated a humidifying module, (2) reduced the number of tanks from four to two, (3) employed low-price, mass-produced parts such as a motor for hybrid vehicles, (4) simplified the system structure by reviewing the structures of a fuel cell stack, high-pressure hydrogen tank, etc, (5) reduced the size and improved the performance of the fuel cell stack by improving its output density by more than 100% to 3.0kW/L, (6) reduced the amount of platinum catalyst used in the fuel cell stack by more than 50%, (7) reduced the amount and cost of carbon fiber used for the high-pressure hydrogen tank and (8) improved manufacturing methods (high-speed handling of electrolyte film, automated cell stacking, high-speed fiber winding for the high-pressure tank, etc).

Some media reported that Toyota has decided to release the new FCV ahead of schedule within 2014. But the company said, "We have not made such an announcement."