368kW Solar System Set Up on Slope of Agricultural Waterway

2014/06/11 18:36
Kiyotaka Nakanishi, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute

Kamedagou Land Improvement District in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, installed 800kW of solar power generation systems and started power generation.

Kamedagou is an agricultural district in Niigata City, and Kamedagou Land Improvement District is responsible for the maintenance of agricultural waterway, the construction of agricultural roads, etc.

Kamedagou Land Improvement District set up 2,232 panels (output: 368kW) on the 1km-long slope of an agricultural waterway and 2,620 panels (output: 432kW) on the site of a land improvement facility. This is the first installation of a large-scale solar power generation system on the slope of an agricultural waterway in Japan.

According to the results of a research conducted by Kamedagou Land Improvement District, etc, the installation of solar panels on a slope contributes to maintaining the slope and preventing weeds from growing.