Power Companies to Test 15MW, 20MW Storage Battery Systems

2014/06/10 15:03
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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New Energy Promotion Council announced the results of the "Urgent Verification Project for Large-scale Power Storage Systems in Fiscal 2012" for fiscal 2013.

The project is aimed at dealing with the increasing scale of wind and solar power generation facilities and verifying control technologies for stabilizing power grids with storage batteries. The project supports the "Verification Project for Storage Battery System to Deal With Frequency Fluctuation at Nishi Sendai Substation," which is carried out by Tohoku-Electric Power Co Inc, and the "Verification Project for Large-scale Storage Battery System at Minami Hayakita Substation," which is conducted by Hokkaido Electric Power Co Inc (HEPCO) and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd.

In the former project, a lithium-ion (Li-ion) storage battery system with an output of 20MW and a capacity of 20MWh will be installed at Nishi Sendai Substation in Sendai City. The frequency fluctuation is adjusted by controlling the charge and discharge of the power storage system from Tohoku-Electric Power's control center. Tohoku-Electric Power is dealing with frequency fluctuation mainly by thermal power plants, but there is a limit to their capability to adjust the fluctuation.

On the other hand, the output fluctuations caused by wind and solar power generation systems increase as more electricity is transmitted from them to a power grid. To introduce more wind and solar power generation systems, a measure to increase the frequency adjustment capability is necessary. Therefore, in the project, the effect of controlling a storage battery system on the frequency adjustment capability will be tested. The design of the system and the manufacturing of equipment were finished in fiscal 2013, and the construction will start at the site in fiscal 2014.

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