Hitachi, Yanmar Link for Microgrid Using Co-generation

2014/06/04 14:18
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute

Hitachi Ltd and Yanmar Energy System Co Ltd announced June 2, 2014, that they will cooperate on decentralized energy systems suited for small- and middle-scale manufacturing plants, public and commercial facilities, etc.

Hitachi and Yanmar Energy System (Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) will sell new systems combining the technologies of the two companies. Specifically, they will combine (1) Yanmar Energy System's "Micro Co-generation," which improves energy efficiency by using exhaust heat from a gas engine generator for hot water supply and cooling/heating air, and (2) Hitachi's newly-developed "Microgrid Control System," which stably and efficiently controls an entire decentralized energy system in conjunction.

So far, Yanmar Energy System has sold about 6,800 units of the Micro Co-generation to medical and welfare facilities, manufacturing plants, restaurants, etc. On the other hand, Hitachi developed the Microgrid Control System, which controls an entire decentralized energy system, based on its decades of experience in supplying various power supply systems including solar and wind power generation systems and storage batteries and testing smart grids.

With the two systems combined, it becomes possible to reduce electricity cost through peak cut and peak shift adjustments and realize stand-alone operation at the time of power shortage or failure by controlling energy and efficiently operating a power generation system.

To establish a decentralized energy system, it is necessary to introduce various devices such as a power generation system, facility equipment and control unit. By selling a decentralized energy system including a control unit as a package, it is possible to improve convenience at the time of constructing a system, Hitachi and Yanmar Energy System said.