Fuji Electric Applies SiC MOSFET to PV Inverter

2014/06/01 00:44
Tadashi Nezu, Nikkei Electronics
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Fuji Electric Co Ltd will commercialize a SiC MOSFET by using it for a PV inverter for mega (large-scale) solar power plants.

Fuji Electric will start volume production of the PV inverter in August 2014. Its input voltage and output capacity are 1,000V (direct current) and 1,000kW, respectively. The company has already commercialized a SiC diode. This time, it applied a power module equipped with the diode and SiC MOSFET to the boost circuit of the PV inverter to improve conversion efficiency and reduce size.

The conversion efficiency of the PV inverter is 98.8%, which Fuji Electric claims is the highest in the industry. The conversion efficiency of the company's previous PV inverter product is 98.5%. The dimensions of the new PV inverter are 2,980 x 1,900 x 900mm, which is 20% smaller than the size of the previous product.