The "400-HLS003" wireless activity meter
The "400-HLS003" wireless activity meter
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Sanwa Supply Inc released a wireless activity meter that automatically counts the number of steps and measures traveled distance and consumed calories.

Sanwa Supply is a Japan-based manufacturer of personal computer peripheral devices. The activity meter, "400-HLS003," works in conjunction with an iOS-based device having Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) capability and visualizes the wearer's daily activities with special application software.

Measured data is transmitted to an iOS-based device in real time. Because accumulated data can be transmitted at one time, the activity meter can be used without an iOS-based device. With the special application software, it is possible to show accumulated data in a graph.

The route taken by the user can be shown by using the GPS function of an iOS-based device, and consumed calories and the number of steps per minute can be displayed. The step length and weight of the user can be registered to realize high-accuracy measurement.

The 400-HLS003 measures 27 (W) x 38 (H) x 8mm (D) and weighs about 8g. It can be clipped to a chest pocket, shoe, etc. Its price is ¥3,222 (approx US$31.7, excluding tax).