Sharp's Solar System Employed for Shopping Center in Cambodia

2014/05/07 16:19
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute

Sharp Corp announced April 28, 2014, that it has received an order for a solar power generation system from Aeon Co Ltd and Aeon Mall Co Ltd (Aeon Group).

The system will be installed at Aeon Mall Phnum Penh, the first shopping center that Aeon Group will open in Cambodia in late June 2014.

It consists of (1) 290 see-through solar cell modules (about 27.5kW) and peripheral equipment that will be installed at an open-air cafe located in the central area of the shopping center and (2) 809 crystalline solar cell modules (about 198.2kW) and peripheral equipment that will be installed at a parking area for bicycles on the east side of the shopping center.

This is the first time that Sharp has received an order for a see-through solar power generation system outside Japan. The total output capacity of the system is about 225.7kW. The electricity generated will be used for lighting equipment and air conditioning systems in the shopping center.

Aeon Group is building Aeon Mall Phnum Penh near Diamond Island, Phnum Penh (the capital of Cambodia). When completed, it will be one of the largest mall-type shopping centers in Cambodia.