Chino Releases Low-priced Far-infrared Camera

2014/04/23 11:43
Tsunoru Nakashima, Nikkei Electronics
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Chino Corp, which develops cameras and sensors using far-infrared light, released a far-infrared camera equipped with a thermopile using about 2,000 (48 x 47) elements April 17, 2014.

The price of the camera, "Easy Thermo," is as low as ¥46,000 (approx US$448, excluding tax). The company expects that the camera will be used for checking the temperature of building, car maintenance, monitoring the temperature of refrigerated showcase, cosmetic treatment, health management, etc.

The detection range of the camera is -10 to +180°C. Its temperature resolution is 0.5°C. Its angle of view is 33.3 x 33.3°. The minimum measurable distance is 350mm. The camera shows a thermal image and the temperature of its center point at a speed of 6fps.

It is possible to take a picture and record temperature data at the same time by pressing a button. However, because the camera does not support any interface such as USB and memory card, it is not possible to send the data to an external device.

The mass and size of the camera is 180g and 50 x 138 x 39mm, respectively. It continuously operates for up to two hours with two AA batteries.