Shimizu Begins Test-run of 10MW Solar Plant in Hyogo

2014/04/10 17:08
Kiyotaka Nakanishi, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Shimizu Corp started test operation of a 10MW mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plant that it constructed in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

The plant, "Ako Solar Power Plant," is equipped with 12MW of solar panels. Its construction cost is about ¥3.5 billion (approx US$34 million). The solar panel and PV inverter of the plant are manufactured by Sharp Corp and Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp (TMEIC), respectively.

Ako Taiyokou Hatsuden (Chuo Ward, Tokyo), a 100% subsidiary of Shimizu, runs the mega-solar plant and sells all the electricity generated at a price of ¥40 (approx US$0.39, excluding tax) per 1kWh to The Kansai Electric Power Co Inc (KEPCO).

The construction site measures 160,000m2 and is located in Nishihama Industrial Park in Ako City, Hyogo Prefecture, under the mild Seto Inland Sea climate. A large amount of solar irradiation and, thus, a stable amount of solar electricity can be expected throughout the year.

The project is based on Shimizu's long-term efforts to strengthen its "stock management business (for establishing stable revenue bases)" and "sustainability business (for realizing sustainability on a global scale)." The company will continue to aim at receiving an increasing number of orders for mega-solar plants, wind power generation facilities on the ground and sea, geothermal power plants and other renewable energy-based power generation facilities.