'Hybrid Power Storage System' Stabilizes Solar, Wind Electricity (page 2)

2014/04/08 18:22
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Specifically, 4.2MW of NAS batteries and 2MW of Li-ion batteries will be set up in Nishinoshima-chou, Oki-gun, Oki Islands.

There are two kinds of output fluctuations related to solar and wind power generation facilities. They are "fast, small fluctuation (short-period fluctuation)," which is caused by clouds changing solar irradiation or changes in wind speed, and "slow, large fluctuation (long-period fluctuation, surplus electricity), which is caused by changes in the position of the sun.

In isolated islands, such output fluctuations are adjusted with diesel generators. However, when the amount of renewable energy-derived electricity drastically increases, it causes a shortage of adjusting power, making it necessary to use rechargeable batteries for the adjustment.

The Chugoku Electric Power will establish a system that uses high-output Li-ion batteries and large-capacity NAS batteries to compensate the fast, small fluctuation and slow, large fluctuation, respectively. And the company will test technologies for the coordination of the two kinds of batteries.