Enel Employs NEC's Power Storage System for Solar, Wind Electricity

2014/04/04 21:01
Kiyotaka Nakanishi, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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NEC Corp announced that it has delivered a lithium-ion (Li-ion) storage battery system with an output power of 2MW and a capacity of 2MWh to Enel Distribuzione SpA.

Enel Distribuzione is the largest distribution system operator in Italy and affiliated with Enel SpA, a leading power company in Italy. The system is one of the largest-scale Li-ion storage battery systems in Europe.

Many wind and solar power generation facilities are being installed in Italy. And the ratio of electricity generated by using unstable renewable energy sources to grid electricity is increasing. The storage battery system will be installed at the Chiaravelle substation, Calabria, Italy, and used for optimizing the supply-demand balance of the power grid, which is unstable due to wind and solar electricity, on a trial basis.

In Italy, a distribution system operator estimates the amount of electricity flowing from the primary substation into the grid and reports it to a transmission system operator in advance. If the difference between the planned and actual amounts of electricity exceeds an expected value due to the fluctuation in the amount of renewable energy-derived electricity, the storage battery system charges or discharges electricity to minimize the difference.

Moreover, Enel Distribuzione will test the effectiveness of the battery system in adjusting electricity quality including frequency and controlling a power grid in the aim of complying with future regulations of power grids. Such regulations are expected to be issued in the future and include peak shaving, balancing of electric power supply and demand, frequency adjustment for stabilizing output and voltage, etc.

NEC acquired the large-scale power storage system business of A123 Systems LLC from China-based Wanxiang Group and became the largest manufacturer of storage batteries for electric power facilities. NEC will establish "NEC Energy Solutions" in June 2014 to expand its storage battery business not only in Japan but also in North America and Europe.