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Sim-Drive Corp announced March 31, 2014, that it has completed the "Sim-Hal," the fourth vehicle for its advanced development project.

Sim-Drive is a Japan-based firm that develops electric vehicles (EVs). As in the cases of its previous vehicles, the Sim-Hal features the "direct drive-type in-wheel motor," and each of its wheels contains a driving motor.

To improve drive range, the company reduced auto weight and driving motor size. It had been developing the new vehicle in collaboration with eight companies including an auto parts maker for about a year since February 2013.

Compared with the Sim-Cel, which is the third vehicle, Sim-Drive reduced vehicle mass by 70kg and increased drive range by about 80km to about 404km. Also, the company increased tire diameter from 15 to 17 inches, enlarging driving motor diameter and making it easy to increase torque. As a result, motor thickness was reduced by about half.

The maximum output and maximum torque of the Sim-Hal are 260kW and 2,480N·m. The maximum output is the same as that of the third vehicle, but the maximum torque is 920N·m lower. To cut costs, Sim-Drive reduced torque to the level required for production vehicles, not the level required for vehicles for research and development, on purpose.

The newly-developed vehicle measures 4,910 (L) x 1,835 (W) and 1,405mm (H). It is 70mm longer, 5mm wider and 5mm taller than the third vehicle. The capacity of the new vehicle's lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is 35.1kWh, which is 5.5kWh larger. It comes with a fast charging port supporting the CHAdeMO standard.