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Consumer Co-op Realizes Mega Solar Systems on Logistics Facilities (page 4)

High yield using Japanese panels, PV inverters

2014/03/31 15:23
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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At Ayumino Logistics Center, in particular, there is no shade due to the lack of ancillary equipment on the roof. The number of heatstroke patients in Japan is increasing. And many of the victims are elderly who are weak and who have worked for long hours under the sun.

Hence, Tess Engineering initially programmed a process timesheet in which almost no work was carried out on the roof for one and a half months from mid-July to August. Recognizing the ambient temperature does not rise so much from 5 am and in the late afternoon through evening, even in midsummer, however, Tess Engineering continued with the construction on the roof in the morning and evening, taking a rest in between. As a result, the construction, which had been slated to end in December, was completed one month earlier, and selling electricity started on November 2.

The amount of power generation at the mega-solar power plant of Osaka Izumi Co-op outperformed the initial estimate by as much as 30% in the year after the completion (Fig. 7). In the initial business plan, the co-op planned to secure two-digit IRR (internal rate of return) to recover its investment in nine years.

Behind the plan was the realization of a 2MW-class mega-solar power plant, which is a high investment efficiency project, on its own buildings. In addition, a significant contribution was made by closely studying the solar power generation business at an early stage, establishing a trusting relationship with the EPC constructor and comprehensively collaborating with said constructor.

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