A screen of "Tsunagari Hot Support"
A screen of "Tsunagari Hot Support"
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NTT Docomo Inc will start offering the "Tsunagari Hot Support" application software, which is for elderly people and their families, for the company's smartphone users March 25, 2014.

NTT Docomo has been providing the software for the users of its mobile phones. For smartphones, the company added a new function to the software.

Tsunagari Hot Support is a service that notifies registered people of how the phone is used via e-mail when the (elderly) user uses his/her phone, for example, outside the home. Specifically, data such as the number of steps, operation of "screen lock," remaining battery level, etc are transmitted.

NTT Docomo has been offering the service for the users of its "Rakuraku Phone Basic 3" mobile phone, which is designed for senior people, for a price of ¥105 (approx US$1.03) per month. From now on, the company provides the service for the users of the "Rakuraku Smartphone," which is targeted at the elderly, for free. The service can be used just by downloading the application software from the company's website.

For smartphones, NTT Docomo added a new function that enables the elderly user to input his/her daily health condition to the phone and transmits the data to registered people along with other data. With the application, it is possible to check the past records of daily health condition, the number of steps, etc.