Toshiba's Power Storage Systems to Be Installed in Islands

2014/03/16 14:55
Hideyoshi Kume, Nikkei Electronics
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Toshiba Corp announced March 13, 2014, that it has delivered power storage systems to be installed at transformer substations in the Tanegashima and Amami Oshima islands, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

The systems will be used for dealing with frequency fluctuations of wind and solar power generation systems whose outputs fluctuate depending on weather conditions

The power storage systems are equipped with Li-ion rechargeable batteries using Toshiba's "SCiB" cells. The maximum output and capacity of the system in Tanegashima are 3,000kW and 1,161kWh, respectively, and those of the system in Amami Oshima are 2,000kW and 774kWh.