Panasonic Develops 0.4mm-thick Flexible OLED Lighting Panel

2014/03/05 13:03
Tetsuo Nozawa, Nikkei Electronics
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Panasonic Corp exhibited three kinds of OLED lighting panels that it has been developing at LED Next Stage 2014, a trade show that runs from March 4 to 7, 2014, in Tokyo.

One of them is an OLED lighting panel having a luminous efficiency of 100lm/W. Though Panasonic announced that it had developed an OLED lighting panel with an efficiency of 114lm/W at SID 2013, an academic conference that took place in May 2013, its size was as small as 1cm2. Also, the company's 25cm2 and 64cm2 (8 x 8cm) panels announced at the conference had efficiencies of 110lm/W and 88lm/W, respectively.

On the other hand, the light-emitting area of the latest panel is as large as 10 x 10cm. So, it has both a large size and high efficiency. However, the panel seemed to have a low brightness and be yellowish, indicating that its color rendering properties are low.

"This time, we put emphasis on efficiency," Panasonic said.

Panasonic also showed a prototype made by forming an OLED layer on a very thin glass plate. The thickness of the prototype is as small as 0.5mm.

"There is even an LED lamp whose thickness is about 5mm, but the thickness of 0.5mm cannot be realized with an LED lamp," the company said.

The third prototype is a flexible rectangular OLED lighting panel with a thickness of 0.4mm. Panasonic did not disclose the material of its substrate.