Panasonic to Launch Wall-mounted Residential Power Storage System

2014/02/25 18:22
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Panasonic Corp announced that it will start to accept orders for its "wall-mounted residential lithium-ion power storage board" Feb 28, 2014.

It is the industry's first wall-mounted residential power storage system having a capacity of 1kWh. The manufacturer's suggested retail price of the system is about ¥400,000 (approx US$3,909, excluding tax). With the relatively low price, Panasonic plans to spread the use of the system, aiming to sell 10,000 units per year.

The wall-mounted system has a design similar to that of Panasonic's distribution board so that it blends in with the residential space (See related article). In case of power outage, stored electricity is automatically supplied to pre-selected appliances connected to the system. Also, it is possible to charge the battery of the system with electricity generated by a solar power generation system.

Consumer consciousness on power saving and energy drastically changed in Japan due to issues related to the supply-demand balance after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Amid such circumstances, there is an increasing demand for installation of power storage systems for securing an emergency power source, saving energy, etc.

On the other hand, according to the results of a research conducted by Panasonic, about 40% of those who have purchased the company's solar power generation system considered introducing a power storage system, too, but decided not to buy it because of the high price. Furthermore, there was another issue related to installation space.

Therefore, the company engaged in the development of a low-cost power storage system that can be installed in a small space such as in detached houses, condominiums, small-scale stores, etc.