Sanyo Denki Announces High-efficiency PV Inverter

2014/02/16 15:32
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Sanyo Denki Co Ltd announced a new 10kW-output PV inverter designed for use in Japan Feb 7, 2014.

The PV inverter, "SANUPS P73J," is a high-frequency insulation type and has a conversion efficiency of 93.5% (in operation at the rated output, power factor: 1.0), which is one of the highest of all high frequency insulation-type PV inverters that are for solar power generation and have a capacity of 10kW. It can be used for 20 years by replacing some parts periodically.

The P73J complies with IP65 waterproof/dustproof standards and can be installed outdoors. Also, Sanyo Denki will release a model that has an autonomous operation function and can be powered by solar electricity in case of power outage.

As an option, the P73J can be equipped with a multi-input measurement function, which allows to measure the current value of each string of solar panels (panels connected in series, up to seven circuits (strings)).