Lixil Develops New Installation Method for Solar Panels

2014/02/06 13:38
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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Lixil Corp released a solar power generation system that reduces the number of foundations and construction cost by connecting beams Feb 3, 2014.

The system, "Consecutive Type of Solar Base Built With Columns," is sold as a package including solar panels and mounting systems. The company calls the package "solar power generation system."

The "Solar Base Built With Columns" is a home-use solar power generation system that can be easily installed on the ground by using an extra space in a residential plot. It can be used for houses for which a solar system cannot be installed due to a decrepit roof or in fear of affecting the design of a house. This time, Lixil added the" Consecutive Type" to the Solar Base Built With Columns.

The Consecutive Type enables to reduce the number of columns at the time of increasing the number of panels by using sleeves to connect beams. With the smaller number of beams, the number of foundations decreases, reducing cost for foundation work. It is suited for middle-sized solar systems with a large number of panels. Connected beams increase a sense of unity, creating a neat, beautiful appearance, Lixil said.

As a measure to prevent solar panels from being stolen, Lixil developed an "anti-theft bolt." Because the bolt cannot be easily removed, it is possible to increase anti-theft effect just by replacing existing bolts with the new bolt.