The "CapBeat Touch" (photo courtesy of SMK)
The "CapBeat Touch" (photo courtesy of SMK)
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SMK Corp developed a capacitive touch panel that realizes "two-step input" and started to accept orders for it.

The panel, "CapBeat Touch," has a vibration function and can transmit vibration to a finger when it touches the screen. The panel is targeted at car navigation systems and tablet computers.

Based on the change of a finger's area that contacts the same point on the screen, two inputs can be made. Different operations and different kinds of vibrations can be assigned to the first and second steps. By combining those features, it becomes easier to realize touch typing-like operations, a function to prevent incorrect inputs caused by a hovering finger, etc, SMK said.

SMK also developed a technology to attach the new panel to a casing. It prevents vibration damping and ensures enough vibration for the entire screen.

The operating and storage temperature ranges of the panel are -30 to +85°C and -40 to +90°C, respectively. Its transmittance is 94% (maximum), and its reflectance is 1% (minimum). It will be mass-produced at a manufacturing plant in the Philippines at a rate of 100,000 units per month in terms of 7-inch panels.