11.6MW Solar Plant to Start Operations at Kansai International Airport

2014/01/27 19:22
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute

SF Kansai Mega Solar announced that it has completed the construction of a 11.6MW mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plant on the site of the Kansai International Airport and will start power generation at the plant Feb 1, 2014.

SF Kansai Mega Solar is a 100% subsidiary of SF Solar Power, which is a joint investment company formed by Solar Frontier K.K. (Minato Ward, Tokyo) and Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Inc.

The plant, "SF Kansai Mega Solar Kansai International Airport Power Plant," will be part of the "Smart Island Plan," which the airport is developing. The goal of the plan is to support the facilities of the airport with a next-generation energy system that uses a large amount of renewable energy as a power source, produces hydrogen by using renewable energy to power fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs), etc.

CIS-based solar panels manufactured by Solar Frontier were installed for the plant. CIS-based solar panels have anti-glare property, and the light reflected from them does not affect the flight of an aircraft.

"As planned, we have completed the mega-solar plant with an output power higher than 10MW in only seven months after its construction started," Solar Frontier President Hiroto Tamai said. "And we have contributed to the promotion of the concept of 'environmentally-advanced airport,' which is being promoted by the Kansai International Airport."

At the mega-solar plant, Solar Frontier plans to build up know-how to maintain and manage a mega-solar plant as a power producer. At the same time, it aims to take advantage of the site of the Kansai International Airport, which is an entrance to the sky, and promote the performance of its CIS-based solar panels as well as its ability to operate mega-solar plants to the global market.