A US-based venture firm is developing a technology that embeds a sensor in a pill, aiming to commercialize it. When the pill is swallowed by a patient, it wirelessly transmits data in a stomach to a smartphone via, for example, a patch attached to the body surface and, then, to a server so that the doctor and family members can check the patient's medicine-taking record.

The firm's CTO, who is also one of its founding members, will deliver a lecture at an event that will take place in February 2014 in Tokyo.

The firm is Proteus Digital Health Inc, and Mark Zdeblick (Ph.D), co-founder and chief technical officer of the company, will take the podium at Trillion Sensors Summit Japan 2014, which will take place Feb 20 and 21, 2014, in Tokyo. The event is organized in the aim of realizing a society in which one trillion sensors are used every year. It is a global industry-academia effort to use sensors for new applications.