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Toshiba Tec Corp developed a digital signage system that can be linked to a smartphone and exhibited a prototype at SC Business Fair 2014, which took place from Jan 22 to 24, 2014, in Yokohama, Japan.

Multiple smartphone users can access the system, "Smartphone-linked Signage," at the same time to obtain store information and coupons. Toshiba Tec is developing the system in the aim of commercializing it with help from Toshiba Corp and Hakuhodo i-studio Inc.

The Smartphone-linked Signage sends out beacon signals by using Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. When the user's smartphone comes close to the system and receives the beacon signals, it becomes possible to link the phone to the system. A button appears on the smartphone screen, and an icon that has the same color as the button appears on the display of the signage system.

When the button is operated, the icon moves accordingly, enabling to select a piece of information. When the system is accessed by multiple users, the color of the button and icon becomes different from user to user.

It is also possible to upload data from a smartphone to the system. For example, a store employee can take a picture of a new product and show in on the display of the system in no time.