The "CCL650i2" (source: JVC Kenwood)
The "CCL650i2" (source: JVC Kenwood)
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JVC Kenwood Corp will release a 6-Mpixel 30-inch color medical display in the "Totoku" series in late January 2014.

The company succeeded an information device business including medical imaging devices from Totoku Electric Co Ltd in July 2013 and is using the Totoku brand for its medical and industrial displays.

When medical images are used for diagnosis in medical practice, two displays are set side by side in many cases. But when the doctor shifts his/her attention from one display to the other, their bezels get in the way. Therefore, JVC Kenwood will release the new 30-inch wide display that can display images equivalent to those displayed on two 3-Mpixel displays.

The new product not only makes it easy to shift attention from side to side but allows to lay out windows more freely because of the large screen. Moreover, it reduces installation area by 38.4mm in width, compared with the area occupied by two units of the "CCL358i2," which is the company's existing product.

JVC Kenwood employed a mercury-free LED backlight unit for the new product as well as its own "Λ-Sentinel" brightness stabilization system. A brightness sensor installed on the screen constantly monitors screen brightness, and the brightness information is fed back to the control circuit

The pixel pitch of the display is 0.197 x 0.197mm. Its brightness is 410 or 300cd/m2. Its viewing angle is 170° in both vertical and horizontal directions. As input signals, it supports DVI-D (DVI1.0 compatible) and DisplayPort (DisplayPort1.1a compatible). It will come in two models: "CCL650i2/AR" (equipped with an antireflection film) and "CCL650i2/N" (no antireflection film).