Toshiba Develops Ultra-small Wireless Module for Smartphones

2014/01/22 14:29
Ikutaro Kojima, Nikkei Electronics
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Toshiba Corp developed a small wireless module and slim coupler in the aims of using the TransferJet close proximity wireless transfer technology for smartphones, etc.

The wireless module is as small as 4.8 x 4.8 x 1.0mm and slim. It is 60% smaller than the wireless module that Toshiba announced at an academic conference in 2012 and 20% smaller than a wireless module announced by its domestic competitor, Toshiba said. The company claims that it is the world's smallest.

The coupler was realized by using a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) and has a thickness of 0.12mm. The interconnection between the coupler and wireless module was formed on the same flexible PCB.

On the other hand, the thickest part of Toshiba's previous wireless module was 1.3mm because a 0.8mm-thick coaxial cable (for interconnection) was mounted on a coupler whose rigid substrate is 0.5mm thick. This time, the company reduced the thickness of the thickest part by more than 90%.

Toshiba not only reduced the physical sizes of the module and coupler but realized high-speed wireless data transmission.

"TransferJet offers five transmission speeds: 522Mbps, 261Mbps, 130Mbps, 65Mbps and 32Mbps, but there has been no 522Mbps product," the company said. "The wireless module that we have developed this time realized 522Mbps for the first time."

This time, Toshiba showed us the results of the measurement of signals transmitted by using the newly-developed wireless module and coupler. The transmission spectrum was 4.48GHz (carrier frequency, 3dB band width) ±280MHz, meaning a communication band of 560MHz. Also, in a demonstration of the module and coupler, a 260-Mbyte video file was transmitted in six seconds, which the company said is about 1/4, compared with TransferJet modules currently available in the market.