Tamura's Conductive Jointing Material Employed for Kyocera's Smartphones

2013/12/27 11:42
Kouji Kariatsumari, Nikkei Electronics
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Tamura Corp announced that its "SAM32" conductive jointing material was employed for Kyocera Corp's "Digno R SoftBank 202K," the world's lightest waterproof smartphone announced in May 2013.

The material contributed to the light weight. Specifically, it enabled to join a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) to a PCB and join two flexible PCBs together without using a connector, reducing board space by 20%.

The conductive jointing material is a thermosetting resin containing solder particles. It can be applied by using a dispenser and thermocompression bonding. Moreover, it maintains electric insulation between adjacent electrodes and ensures electric conductivity between counter electrodes of PCBs.

Furthermore, because it can be applied by using a dispenser, a mounting position can be decided more freely. And it reduces dead space because it enables jointing with a low pressure.

With the SAM32, jointing becomes possible in six seconds at a temperature of 150°C and with a low pressure of 1MPa. It supports Au (gold) and Cu-OSP treatments and rework at a temperature of 150°C.

Tamura's conductive jointing materials are products developed by using junction technologies licenced from Panasonic Factory Solutions Co Ltd.