The TransferJet adapter to be connected to a USB port
The TransferJet adapter to be connected to a USB port
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Toshiba Corp announced an adapter that supports the TransferJet close proximity wireless transfer technology and is equipped with an USB 2.0 interface Dec 19, 2013.

The adapter will be sold at electronics retail stores, etc in Japan from Dec 20, 2013.

It comes in two models. One has a Micro-B-type connector, which is often used for smartphones, and the other has a Type A connector, which is commonly used for personal computers.

Toshiba expects the adapter to be used for exchanging image and video files between a smartphone and a personal computer as well as between two smartphones. The company also considers that it can be used for purchasing video files at kiosk terminals and transferring image files to printers in the future.

Though there is no manufacturer's suggested retail price, the expected retail prices of the Micro-B and Type A models are ¥4,000 to 5,000 (approx US$38-48). Also, they will be sold as a set for ¥8,000 to 9,000.

The TransferJet technology uses a center frequency of 4.48GHz and wirelessly transfers data over a range of up to 3cm. Its maximum transfer rate is 560Mbps (effective transfer rate: 375Mbps).