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Solar Plants Produced With Progressive Municipality

Technologies to cut construction period, cost

2013/12/16 21:33
Shinichi Kato, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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In Takeo City, Saga Prefecture, two large-scale solar power plants have started power generation in the last seven months. They are the 1.5MW "Takeo Hakamano Solar Power Plant" (Fig. 1), which started operation in October 2013 in Higashi-Kawanoboricho, Takeo City, and the 1MW "Takeo Wakaki Solar Power Plant," which started operation in March 2013 in Wakakicho, Takeo City.

Kyudenko Corp constructed both plants, provided EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services and runs the power generation business. Yasuhiro Yamamoto, senior executive officer and manager of Saga Office, Kyudenko, stressed, "These two power plants in Takeo City are the starting point for Kyudenko's solar power plant operations and will be key footholds when considering the possibility of future solar power generation."

Takeo City in Saga Prefecture is known for its progressive administrative approach, such as outsourcing its library operation to Culture Convenience Club Co Ltd (CCC), thus producing a high profile, vibrant library that has Starbucks Coffee shop and a CCC' "TSUTAYA" book and CD/DVD rental store on the same site. Having approached the introduction of reusable energy with the same attitude, the city requested a design that can easily be used for environmental education, and got involved in finding sites for the construction of these two solar power plants.

Kyudenko is also known as a top-class EPC constructor of domestic large-scale solar power plants, receiving numerous EPC orders, primarily in its local area of Kyushu. Should the landowner of a construction site wish, Kyudenko sometimes even agrees to become not only an EPC constructor but also a power plant operator.

The company, thus far, has put its subsidiary Kyudenko New Energy (Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture), instead of itself, in the position of power plant operator; however, at these two solar power plants, Kyudenko itself serves as the power producer, due to cooperating with Takeo City and strategic factors regarding the Kyudenko Saga Office. Such a flexible attitude is probably one of the reasons why Kyudenko's approach to large-scale solar power plants is greatly appreciated.

Cutting costs for foundations

These two solar power plants in Takeo City were constructed with measures suited for each location, but with basically the same power generation facilities and foundations employed. Takeo Hakamano Solar Power Plant, which started power generation in October 2013, is located on a site adjoining the Nagasaki Expressway whereas Takeo Wakaki Solar Power Plant, which was launched in March 2013, is situated in a village forest.

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