Public, Private Bodies Fitting Solar Panels in Parking Lots

2013/12/12 17:21
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute

The government of Tokai-mura, Ibaraki Prefecture, has been engaged in a solar power generation business that leases roofs and sites of its facilities.

When it called for proposals from the public in December 2012, business operators were selected for two facilities, at which construction has already started.

One of the two operators is Kurihalant Co Ltd, which is installing solar power generation facilities in the parking areas of the office of Tokai-mura. The construction started in July 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in March 2014. With about 4,600 single-crystal silicon solar panels, the power generation capacity of the facilities will be 1,025kW.

Also, in October 2013, the Toho group decided to use the parking lot of its headquarters located in Kobe City and launch a solar power generation business in late June 2014. It will build mounting systems that look like roofs and install 982 solar panels on them.

The group expects to have a power generation capacity of about 245.5kW and generate about 250,000kWh of power per year, which is equivalent to the amount of electricity consumed by 70-80 homes in a year. It will invest ¥110 million (approx US$1.07 million) in the facilities.