1MW of Solar Panels Installed on Sewerage Treatment Plant

2013/12/06 17:25
Kenji Kaneko, Nikkei BP CleanTech Institute
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The construction of the "Okayasanso Solar Power Plant Suwaco Labo" of Okayasanso Co Ltd (Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture) has been completed, and a ceremony to celebrate the beginning of power generation was performed Dec 3, 2013.

The Okayasanso Solar Power Plant Suwaco Labo was chosen for Nagano Prefecture's "Ohisama BUN·SUN Mega Solar Project," which lends the roofs of facilities owned by the prefectural government for solar power generation.

In the project, the roofs of public and private facilities are lent to a local private business operator, and the operator runs a decentralized mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plant. The government gives weight to the public nature of the project because it aims to utilize knowledge and business know-how built up through the project for energizing the local community.

An event is planned to be organized to show the power plant to visitors Dec 17, 2013. In the event, the visitors will be able to exchange information with a person who supervised the construction of the plant.

For the Okayasanso Solar Power Plant Suwaco Labo, Okayasanso borrowed the space on the lids of the "Toyoda Sewage Treatment Plant of the Lake Suwa Regional Sewerage System," which faces Lake Suwa, from the prefectural government. Its output power is about 1MW.

The mega-solar plant has two areas: the main area and test area. And solar panels manufactured by three companies are used in the areas. For the main area, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, Kyocera Corp and Solar Frontier K.K. provided 300kW, 319kW and 314kW of solar panels, respectively. For the test area, Kyocera and Solar Frontier provided 43kW and 37kW of solar panels.

A company based in the prefecture is responsible for the construction and maintenance. And knowledge and know-how built up through the project will be publicized. For example, techniques for detecting failures might be tested jointly by industrial, academic, governmental and private organizations and applied to solar power plants across Japan in the aim of energizing local communities.

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