The "Rechargeable Cordless Cleaner Lithium Ion"
The "Rechargeable Cordless Cleaner Lithium Ion"
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Iris Ohyama Inc released a cordless, stick-shaped vacuum cleaner that changes suction power depending on the amount of dust measured by a sensor.

The product, "Rechargeable Cordless Cleaner Lithium Ion," is the industry's first cordless, stick-shaped vacuum cleaner equipped with a dust sensor, the company said.

The sensor is located near the area to which an extension pipe is attached. When the amount of dust being sucked through the pipe into the main body of the cleaner is large, it operates on the "powerful operation" mode. When the amount is small, it operates on the "idling operation" mode. The cleaner is equipped with two lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and can continuously operate for up to 40 minutes (on the "weak" mode).

The mass of the cleaner is about 1.7kg including the extension pipe, head, batteries, etc. It comes in three colors: silver, pink and blue. The blue model will be released Nov 27, 2013. Its manufacturer's suggested retail price is ¥25,800 (approx US$254).